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karen hughes ·

If ya wanna be a hockey player......come to Cali.

Jesuits play harder.

God Bless

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pc. oconnor ·

WOW! Spectacular hockey!
Great coaches, great refs, great players and parents, and just an incredible hockey game. One for the ages. Thank You.

A superior event. The best teams played today, and the best team won.

Pay attention Omaha. These people just gave you a lesson in how to play high school hockey. You do it "honestly, with integrity, and with respect for the great game that hockey is.

The truth is that both Santa Margarita and Regis are both
Champions of "Competitive Integrity".

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The Hughesnet111 Group ·

California Hockey Rocks!!!
SANTA MARGARITA is the undisputed High School Champion of the United States.

Thank You for doing things the right way and always maintaining your "Competitive Integrity".

You are great example of how to play hockey "for all of the right reasons".

Good Luck and Godspeed.

East Lake Hockey 71 ·

Santa Margarita sucks we lost to them in A1 pool play in OT but we only played one period of our hockey and tha was when we scored three goals in the third... If we played all three periods of hockey we would have whooped their butts... Go East Lake Eagles!!!

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