Two players skate at the same time from opposite sides of the center line. Both skaters skate counter clockwise one full lap around the surface. The two fastest times will compete in a skate-off to determine the event winner. Note: Goaltenders will also participate in this event and times will be used to break all ties in subsequent goaltender events.

Fastest Skater Winner for Each Division

Division Winner Team
Tier I 12 & Under Casey Fitzgerald Valley Jr. Warriors
Tier II 12 & Under 1A Christopher Goff Louisiana Ice Gators
Tier II 12 & Under 2A Averey Steele Burlington Bobcats
Tier II 12 & Under 3A Drew Croghan Affton Americans
Tier II 12 & Under 4A Alexander Drobot Old York Road Raiders
Tier I 14 & Under Michael Laffin Westchester
Tier II 14 & Under 1A Beau McCue Nevada
Tier II 14 & Under 2A Bobbie Rowell Jr. Steelheads
Tier II 14 & Under 3A Joe Chitwood Indy Racers
Tier II 14 & Under 4A Braiden Miller Mountain St.
Tier I 16 & Under Todd Koritzinsky Team Wisconsin
Tier II 16 & Under 1A Cameron Wales Orange County Hockey
Tier II 16 & Under 2A Mitchell Nylen Atlanta Fire
Tier II 16 & Under 3A Scott Leslie Affton Americans
Tier II 16 & Under 4A Aaron Wanat Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles
Tier I 18 & Under Will Suter Russell Stover
Tier II 18 & Under 1A Chris King Wheeling Nailers
Tier II 18 & Under 2A Ryan Meredith AHU Phoenix Polar Bears
Tier II 18 & Under 3A Jason Bell Texas Aces
Tier II 18 & Under 4A Bata Jugovic LA Jr. Kings
Girls Tier I 12 & Under Jacqueline Diffley EC Wizards
Girls Tier II 12 & Under Samantha Davis Bay State Breakers
Girls Tier I 14 & Under Cara Piazza Chicago Mission
Girls Tier II 14 & Under Athena Akiki New Jersey Colonials
Girls Tier I 16 & Under Jenna Marks Madison
Girls Tier II 16 & Under Erin Martin Mass. Spitfires
Girls Tier I 19 & Under Allie Arcibal LA Selects
Girls Tier II 19 & Under Michelle Picard Mass. Spitfires