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Andriole Twins Enjoying Every Moment of First Nationals Together

By Kyle Huson, 03/31/22, 3:30PM MDT


Charlie and Rory Andriole are playing in their final youth games together this weekend

Rochester, Mich. – Very rarely is the opportunity afforded for twins to play together on a team. Even more rare is the opportunity for them to play on the same team throughout the entirety of their career.

That’s what has happened for Charlie and Rory Andriole, twins that are competing for the 18U Jr. Bulldogs at the 2022 Chipotle-USA Hockey Youth Tier I 18U National Championships. In what is their final year of eligibility, the twin brothers are now competing in their first Nationals.

“It’s been awesome,” said Rory, a forward. “It’s just a great atmosphere and a good group of guys in the locker room and so it’s just fun to bond with them and play in this tournament.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely been unbelievable,” echoed Charlie, a defenseman. “It’s been our goal since we started playing hockey to make it to Nationals. And then to know it’s possibly our final year of hockey together is definitely a big deal for us.”

It was Rory that was interested in hockey just slightly before Charlie was. Charlie said he was a little bit afraid of the ice to start but that he got over that fear to join his brother.

“It was just kind of something new when we were younger,” said Rory. “My dad just kind of wanted us to be in it and we thought it would be something to try and we just stuck with it.”

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Since then, they’ve been inseparable on the ice sans the different positions that split them up. But the twins love it and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

“It’s just gotten really normal [to play with Rory]. I’ve had him by my side for every single game, every single practice, pretty much like five times a week since I started playing hockey. He’s not only my brother but my best friend.”

“It’s just nice to have somebody that’s always there to pick you up,” said Rory with Charlie nodding in agreement. “You’re never really alone, we haven’t played without each other much at all, so it’s good to have someone always there for you.”

The two elder Andriole's perhaps inspired their younger brother, Brody, to start playing. Brody is currently in Rochester, Mich. as well trying to win a Chipotle-USA Hockey National Championship of his own with the 16U Jr. Bulldogs. It has allowed the twins the opportunity to watch him play. Brody is a defenseman like Charlie, so Charlie was able to give a scouting report.

“He’s bigger than I was at that age. He’s not afraid, he’s always making the smart, simple play and smart breakouts, which is really nice.”

Perhaps a future in coaching, or maybe scouting, is in order for Charlie. He’s utilized that to his advantage when going one-on-one against his twin brother as well. Though neither twin wanted to give a definitive answer as they laughed off the question, everyone wants to know: who would win one-on-one?

“Well, I definitely had the advantage early on,” said the forward Rory. “But now, I think he knows all of my moves, so I’d say Charlie has a little bit of an advantage.”

“I definitely have a little bit of an advantage,” said Charlie. But he laughed as he mentioned what would ultimately force him off the ice. “He’s embarrassed me a couple of times, and after that, I just have to get off the ice.”

One thing is for sure, the 18U Jr. Bulldogs love having both Andriole's on the ice.

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